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Greek Jewels is pleased to announce its 2 nd annual participation at the premier invitation-only trade event LUXURY taking place May 29 th – June 3 rd at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Once again, a strong representation of approximately 14 of Greece’s finest jewelry designers will be exhibiting together to showcase their stunning collections that deliver a broad spectrum of creativity from classic Greek design to coolly contemporary to the highly abstract. All collections are made using the premium metals as well as semi-precious and precious stones.

Greek Jewels can be found in booth LUX 30083.

To learn more about each of Greek Jewels designers at LUXURY please see below:


Founded in1990, Dimitrios Kapsaskis had the aim of creating jewelry inspired by the rich tradition of Greek and Byzantine art. In 2008, Vasilis, the son of Dimitrios Kapsaskis, drew upon the inspirations of his father, and further enhanced their collections by creating extraordinary jewelry characterized by timeless beauty, in precious and semi-precious stones, in 22K gold. The company’s design philosophy is included in its motto: GIVING TIMELESS BEAUTY A MODERN TWIST. Dimitrios Exclusive won JCK’s Jewelers Choice Award Best Bracelet Design in 2019. Dimitrios Exclusive can be found at jewelry retailers in Europe and in the United States.


FaCad’oro, one of the largest jewelry companies in Greece, was founded by four brothers in 1974. Currently run by second-generation owners, FaCad’oro continues its grand tradition. Its success is based upon customer loyalty and strong brand awareness. Its diverse collections encompass a wide range of products in 14K or 18K gold, as well as creations adorned with precious or semi-precious stones. Each piece of FaCad’oro jewelry bears the company’s stamp and is accompanied by a life-long guarantee of authenticity and value. FaCad’oro can be found at jewelry retailers in throughout Greece.


HONOR OMANO is a brand with a stylish identity, appealing to those who embrace change and a forward perspective. Provocative design, daring material and impeccable quality are essential elements for each creation. HONOR OMANO pieces are handmade and destined to suit a sophisticated, luxurious lifestyle. Featured collections include “Circle of Life” and “Shades of Mykonos” in 18K gold, inspired by the infinite nature and energy of circles, and the colors of Greece’s most iconic island. Honor Omano can be found at jewelry retailers in throughout Greece.


KK Jewelry Lab has a 40 years presence in the fine jewelry industry. In 2014, Katerina Kouloubourou became head of the family business and KK Jewelry Lab reinvented itself with new style emphasis, while maintaining the well-known and indisputable high quality of its jewelry. KK Jewelry Lab specializes in designing handmade jewelry collections, recognized by the brand’s signature design aesthetic of clean, delicate, and contemporary lines that come together in pieces that portray the beauty of eternity. KK Jewelry Lab can be found at fine jewelry retailers in throughout Greece and Europe.


Kouzoupis was founded in 1947 when Antonios Kouzoupis estab¬lished a small goldsmith’s workshop in Istanbul. In 1963, he relocated the workshop to Athens where he soon became one of the leading Greek designers and creators of top quality, handmade, exclusive jewelry in 18K white/yel¬low gold set with high quality precious stones. Various periods of Greece’s rich history, coupled with the simple, clean lines of Greek nature provide the inspiration for Kouzoupis’ extraordinary collections. Kouzoupis’ expertise and vast experience has garnered them numerous awards over the years. Kouzoupis can be found at jewelry retailers in throughout Greece, Europe and in the United States.


Since 1969, the founders of Maramenos & Pateras have been designing extraordinary jewelry collections in the Hellenic style that personifies the harmony and simplicity of elevated aesthetics. With over 30 collections gaining international acclaim, Maramenos & Pateras jewelry embodies the Greek tradition of handcrafted, fine jewelry featuring a contemporary and elegant design aesthetic. Maramenos & Pateras can be found at jewelry retailers in throughout Greece, Europe and in the United States.


Greece’s rich jewelry making heritage and the ancient use of the wax technique are core values for Maureen Maris. Exclusively handmade by masterful artisans, fine goldsmiths and stone setters, the designs are very much inspired by nature, such as beautiful flora in a striking color palette. Every collection has a story and is inspired by the designer’s travels, from the turquoise sea of the Caribbean to the vibrant cities of the world, from Florence and Capri to Kyoto. Maureen Maris’ designs are exclusive, highly unique and exquisitely handcrafted with the finest of diamonds and gems. Maureen Maris can be found at jewelry retailers in throughout Greece.


Orofasma, a fine jewelry manufacturing and wholesale company, was established in Athens in 1988 by Kevork Kolanian. As the main designer of the company he was awarded the “Design Talent of the Year” award in 2013 in Basel for his innovative ‘Orofasma Setting’, an original and innovative diamond setting that allows the central diamond to safely turn around its axis, adding extra shine and sparkle to each piece of jewelry. The brand’s new “Eternal Love Diamond” collection features the highest quality diamonds skillfully set in this innovative way has already gained wide international recognition. Orofasma can be found at jewelry retailers in throughout Greece and in the United States.


Mary Samoli, an inspirational Greek designer, entered the design world in 1998 by creating wreaths made from “forgotten objects”. Her handcrafted gold jewelry is inspired by nature and its elements and created using a traditional wax carving technique. Her main collections in 18k gold and sterling silver are Desert Allure, Drops of Grace, Wildflowers and Butterfly Effect. Mary Samoli has exhibited at numerous prestigious international shows, all with distinction. The brand “Samoli” can be found at jewelry retailers throughout Greece and in the United States.


LUX 30083
“Apostolos Jewellery” is based in Alexandroupolis-Greece, enjoying an international acceptance through its clientele. The brand’s philosophy is that the Designer's traces must be evident on each creation, highlighting the uniqueness of each material used, without altering its characteristics but rather highlighting its natural look, so as to withstand time, graciously. Αpostolos Jewellery current collection explores the combination of oxidized Sterling silver with 18K gold and precious stones. The aim of “Apostolos Jewellery” is to give the customer fine jewellery to wear, with a pleasing handmade feel and a unique remarkable contemporary design. Apostolos Jewellery is sold at selected retailers in Greece and abroad.