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For the second time, an impressive assembly of Greek contemporary jewelry designers will be presenting their best selling collections at the Museum of Arts & Design (MAD), on 20-23 November 2019 at New York City.

Powered by Enterprise Greece, the exhibition will showcase the work of 25 contemporary Greek jewelry designers whose collections reflect the long-standing legacy of Greek jewelry design rooted in history and superb craftsmanship.

As a sign of continuous inspiration and creativity, each participant will introduce, amongst their collections, jewels designed under the theme “Fruits and Symbols”, an initiative of the team A jewel Made in Greece (www.ajewelmadeingreece.gr).

This collection is curated by the Art Historian & AJMIG Advisor, Iris Kritikou, and scientific consultant Dr. George Kakavas, Director of the Numismatic Museum of Greece, in which the collection will be hosted in May 2019.

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Elena Thiveou was born in Athens, Greece. The distinctive features of her creations are geometry, precision and clean lines combined with hollow forms and textural contrasts. Her “Lenticular” collection recalls the shields of Achaeans and the Cretan double-headed axe. Her “Cyclop” and “Ecosphere” rings were chosen for the 2012 book “Showcase 500 Rings” by Bruce Metcalf. In 2012, Elena along with her husband Yanni Katakis, opened “Deka” a designer jewelry gallery in Greenwich Village, New York. What makes this shop unique is the distinctive collection of hand-crafted jewelry from designers and artisans from the United States and across Europe. Many of the pieces are one-of-a-kind, statement-making jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else.


Mary Samoli, an inspirational Greek designer, entered the design world in 1998 by creating wreaths made from “forgotten objects”. Her handcrafted gold jewelry is inspired by nature and its elements and created using a traditional wax carving technique. Her collections in 18k gold and sterling silver and include Desert Allure, Drops of Grace, Wildflowers and Butterfly Effect. Mary Samoli has exhibited at numerous prestigious international shows, all with distinction.


Kouzoupis was founded in 1947, when Antonios Kouzoupis estab¬lished a small goldsmith’s workshop in Istanbul. In 1963 the workshop was relocated in Athens, and grew to become today, the leading Greek designer and creator of top quality, handmade, exclusive jewelry of18K white or yel¬low gold set with high quality precious stones. Various periods of Greece’s rich history, coupled with the simple, clean lines of Greek nature provide the inspiration for the extraordinary Kouzoupis jewelry brand. Their expertise and vast experience in the jewelry arena has garnered them numerous awards over the years.


Orofasma, a fine jewelry manufacturing and wholesale company, was established in Athens in 1988 by Kevork Kolanian. As the main designer of the company he was awarded the “Design Talent of the Year” award in 2013 in Basel for his innovative ‘Orofasma Setting, an original and innovative diamond setting that allows the central diamond to safely turn around its axis, adding extra shine and sparkle to each piece of jewelry. The brand new “Eternal Love Diamond” collection features the highest quality diamonds, skillfully set in this innovative way in 18K gold and has already gained wide, international recognition.


Evangelos Kyriakos was born in Athens, in 1969. He studied graphic design and jewelry design in Athens and continued his studies regarding the jewel, in Italy (Florence).
His work focuses to conceptual jewellery working on metal and precious stones. Also, glyptography gives him the ability to make one of a kind and unique objects.


AthenArt was Founded by Athena Papa in 2014.
She Begun her Workshop in Chania where she is located.
She Designs and Creates contemporary Jewelry combining both classic Goldsmith and her own techniques.
She loves experimenting, her only drive is her imagination.
“It all starts with a simple yet complex design idea; the challenge is to translate a jewel into a little piece of art that can be worn and appreciated every day”.


Dimos Jewelery is one of the oldest representatives of Greek jewelry. Settled in the heart of Athens and in the historic district of Plaka where founder Sotiris Dimos set he's workshop in 1968 and he focused on re creating history from 4th century BC, Byzantine period and museum treasures, based on the history of jewelry techniques that have lasted through the centuries and iconic jewelry that they have been recognized respected and admired by the entire world.


Natasa Koutsampela is an eminent attorney at law as well as a passionate Greek jewelry artist. At the beginning of 2018 she created the ¨Lefflow Art Studio¨, her signature brand, inspired by the fact that she is a left handed designer. In a digital world she remains faithful to the traditional processes of design, creating jewelry made exclusively by hand. She attributes her jewelry with geometric, three-dimensional forms and uses 14K gold and silver 925. With every collection of jewelry that creates, she tries to approach and attribute the meaning of time through our actions. Her Collection ¨Antikythera¨ is inspired by the extraordinary ancient Antikythera Mechanism. The wheat of her latest collection ¨Panspermia¨ represent an ancient fruit / symbol of human survival, which in the Greek tradition was connected with the great feast of “Theros”, the ritual and the customs of the harvest. She has an active presence in exhibitions in Greece and abroad and her work is distinguished by the originality and the diversity of her designs.


Maria Chaniou is a jewelry designer from Athens, Greece.
Maria's works are inspired by mythology and nature and are handcrafted in sterling silver and gold.
Love for clean lines and simplicity is obvious in her jewelry.
Her new collection worships the Divine Olive Tree, the present of Goddess Athena, as a fruit-symbol of Peace,Harmony and Prosperity.
The elegant olive leaves and fruits are small sculptures that communicate light and beauty of Greece worldwide.
Maria Chaniou has exhibited her works in Greece, USA, the Netherlands and China.


Founded in 1987 in Greece,Opus 4 is a company that designs and markets handmade fine contemporary jewelry.Inspired by fashion and traditional Greek art,we handcraft unique accessories.The founders and designers, George & Calliope are together in both personal and professional life since 1984. Passionate about finding the contemporary between the traditional and the alternative, the couple mixes classic techniques with unconventional materials and innovative ideas, putting their signature in each and every one of their designs.


Tsakalos jewellery is founded by Konstantinos Tsakalos in 2013 . His desire was to continue the tradition family in the design and manufacture of jewellery. His influences on design come from Greek history and mythology, symmetry and Greek beauty. He is inspired by the Greek nature and uses semi-precious stones to represent the Greek land and sea colors’. Konstantinos is engaged in the manufacture of silver gold plated jewellery with collections of ancient Greek designs , copies of ancient Greek coins and ontemporary jewels with semi-precious stones . Konstantinos Tsakalos participates in all Greek jewellery exhibitions and in JCK Las Vegas in 2018 . Tsakalos jewelleries are exported in many European countries and also in USA , Canada and Mexico.


Designs, “Inspired by the Greek Nature”
Kiki's jewelry design is characterized by its contemporary understanding of art and by her passion for stones. She is inspired by organic forms in nature, observing the undersea world as well as fascinating details such as flower calyxes, and works them, unconsciously, into her creations. She often sets naturally grown crystals with a brilliant cut gemstone, or she provides an even stronger contrast by placing natural lava found in Santorini next to a diamond.