Natasa Koutsampela is an eminent attorney at law as well as a passionate Greek jewelry artist. At the beginning of 2018 she created the ¨Lefflow Art Studio¨, her signature brand, inspired by the fact that she is a left handed designer. In a digital world she remains faithful to the traditional processes of design, creating jewelry made exclusively by hand. She attributes her jewelry with geometric, three-dimensional forms and uses 14K gold and silver 925. With every collection of jewelry that creates, she tries to approach and attribute the meaning of time through our actions. Her Collection ¨Antikythera¨ is inspired by the extraordinary ancient Antikythera Mechanism. The wheat of her latest collection ¨Panspermia¨ represent an ancient fruit / symbol of human survival, which in the Greek tradition was connected with the great feast of “Theros”, the ritual and the customs of the harvest. She has an active presence in exhibitions in Greece and abroad and her work is distinguished by the originality and the diversity of her designs.